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Please Select Your Gender - Democratizing transgenderism

From Invention Hysteria to Democratizing Transgenderismm

Please Select Your Gender - Democratizing transgenderism
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Please Select Your Gender - Democratizing transgenderism

"I have the worst birth defect a woman can have: I was born with a penis and a pair of testicles." Thus we meet Hera, who shares her reason for starting psychoanalysis and whose statement embodies the debate over transgenderism, rigorously dissected in Please Select Your Gender. Is it a mental disorder, as some would claim, or a matter of sexual identity? An orientation or a life choice?
Despite differing opinions, transgenderism has lost much of its stigma over the past decade or so, though perhaps none of its shock value. Nevertheless, the door is open for a reformulation of the hysterical question, "Am I a man or a woman?"
Utilizing rich clinical vignettes and elements of Lacanian theory, Patricia Gherovici demonstrates how the transgender discourse has both reoriented psychoanalytic practice and reframed debates about gender in American society at large. She traverses historical, theoretical, and clinical grounds to explore what has been termed the "democratizing of gender", for what could be more democratic than the choice of one's own gender, now able to be changed on demand?

Arguing for the depathologization of transgenderism, the book PLEASE SELECT YOUR GENDER aims to revise current notions of human sexuality in general. In doing so, Patricia Gherovici challenges the theory and practice of psychoanalysis with questions typically addressed only indirectly, but which are themselves transforming how analysis is done, advancing new ideas for the clinic that can be extrapolated to social and intellectual contexts in an effort to engage the broader dialogues of gender and sexuality.

A good read for transsexuals and other people: book by Patricia Gherovici - Please Select Your Gender - Subtitle: From invention of Hysteria to democratizing Transgenderism| ISBN 9780415806169

Contents of this book:

  • Introduction
  • The Imperative of Choice
  • The Democratizing of Transgenderism
  • Genealogy of Hysteria
  • Freud's Sex Change
  • Falling into Sex Like Falling in Love. Gender and Sex as Performance
  • Boy Girl Boy. Lacan's Transsexuals
  • Hysteria and Transsexualism
  • Writing the Sinthome: The Transsexual Body as a Written Body
  • Conclusion

Order from LGBT Books Shop Vrolijk 'Please Select Your Gender', the book of Patricia Gherovici on Democratizing transgenderism  

author Patricia Gherovici
book isbn 9780415806169
book type paperback
extra title From Invention Hysteria to Democratizing Transgenderismm
language English
pages 280p.
published in 2010
publisher ROUTLEDGE

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